Comments Policy

1. Be cool.

Act like you were at a table, sharing a drink with other commenters. Cool people like to bring their best selves to a discussion, and can listen to someone disagree with them without taking it personally. When you leave a comment, ask yourself if you really mean it.

2. Be smart. Smart people know that their opinions are influenced by their home countries and cultures and a hundred other things they don’t even realize. Know the limits of your own knowledge and post here to learn, not to rant or speechify.

3. Be yourself. You like Korea Beat, so you must be a cool, smart person, right? Let that show, and be honest about who you are and where you’re coming from. Everyone will like you when you do that.

4. Don’t be dumb. Dumb people attack other commenter’s characters, politics, race, or gender because they can’t bring themselves to act like decent human beings. They also leave comments thoughtlessly saying deliberately hurtful things about Korea. Dumb people get deleted as soon as I see them, and if they persist, their ISP’s will be contacted.