Foreign brides to teach Korean kids

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Original article in Korean is at this link.

The “Immigrant Language Instructor Training Program”, which trains married immigrant women in the provinces to teach foreign languages, has graduated its first 40 trainees.

Hannam University announced on the 24th that 40 women from China, Japan, Vietnam, and Mongolia received their certificates for passing the 600-hour course that began in April. The ceremony was held in the 1956 Memorial Hall on campus.

The university was selected at the beginning of this year to be a multicultural education space by the Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education, and opened a center for training married immigrant women as Korean language instructors.

The trainees attended courses in curriculum planning, teaching plan creation, simulated classes, teaching practice, and method of teaching Korean to multicultural families, and will teach the languages and cultures of their home countries in elementary schools and pre-schools.

Law school student hacked professor’s computer

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There are many ways to get ahead in law school. Hacking a professor’s computer to get the tests isn’t one of them. Original article in Korean is at this link.

A 24-year old first-year law student at Yonsei Law School was permanently expelled after being referred to a disciplinary committee for being caught hacking a professor’s research room computer in order to steal a test.

On the 23rd the Law School announced that the committee, composed of seven people including Dean Shin Hyeon-yun, convened at 1:00 PM that afternoon and decided the above punishment for the student, known as “A”.

The permanent expulsion is the harshest available punishment, which could have been a warning, placement on academic probation, or suspension. Accordingly, “A’s” school record will be erased and he will be barred from re-admission.

In addition to “A” receiving an F in every course in the previous semester, his merit-based scholarship this semester was revoked and his certificate of merit nullified.

“A” wrote in a statement to the disciplinary commitee that on the night of the 10th he entered the professor’s room and installed a hacking program, amd had done so several times in the previous semester.

The law school had discovered the installation of the hacking programs on the processor’s PC following a joint investigation with its IT department.

The disciplinary committee issued the highest possible punishment with the approval of the dean following a two-week period to consider “A’s” punishment.

The law school said that the possibility of pursuing criminal charges is being discussed with the school’s professors.

Dean Shin Hyeon-yun said that “after confirming the truth, this punishment was issued with all proper procedures… in the future, our school will be strictly applying a policy of zero tolerance to even the most minor infractions.”

On the 16th at the law school student community website Lawinus (로이너스), there were numerous posts discussing the rumors that “A” had been caught entering the research room to install a remote-control hacking program in order to steal the test questions for the semester’s final exam.

“A”, who graduated as the salutatorian from Seoul National University with a degree in management, had a perfect 4.3 GPA in the previous semester.

As soon as the truth came to light and there were rumors inside and outside of the school regarding whether the same method had been used on other exams in the past, the school referred “A” to the disciplinary committee immediately.

Report: JMS leader leads cult from prison

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Original article in Korean is at this link. This translation is a request from reader Peter Daley.

Jeong Myeong-seok, the leader of the pseudo-religious organization JMS who in 2009 was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape causing injury and molestation by force, is said to be receiving special favors and living an extravagant life.

On the 25th National Assembly Representative Park Beom-gye of the Democratic Party (Daejeon-Seoul) said that it had been found that he had been receiving favors of outside medical treatment and continually offering speeches.

In fact, Mr. Jeong received outside medical treatment on 17 occasions from May 2009 through August 2013, compared to the 0.5 occasions averaged by other prisoners.

Mr. Jeong has sent 302 speeches by audiorecording, or one to two per week from February 2008 through OCtober 2013, which Rep. Park says is not permitted under the “Penal Execution and Correctional Treatment Act”.

Also, Mr. Jeong is said to be receiving special treatment in that he is able to borrow telephones from guards and use them in areas not subject to video surveillance, and leave prison for medical treatments and meetings with followers.

Rep. Park said that, “under current law when prisoners receive outside medical treatment they require the warden’s permission, but in reality it is completely dependent on the prison’s medical chief of staff’s procedures… for Mr. Jeong, we need to find out the truth regarding his ability to came and go a any time for religious activities and his leading an extravagant life.”