Most-read Naver articles of the week — 9/15 to 10/6, 2013

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Top 10 in society for 9/15.

1. Chae Dong-wook, the country’s former top prosecutor, reportedly has a child from an extramarital affair but the mother of the alleged mistress says it’s not true. Mr. Chae has resigned over the flap.

2. Due to the poor economy in the US, an increasing number of Koreans who went there to study with hopes of finding work afterwards are returning to Korea. Once they’ve returned, they find that it’s still to find a job since they have to compete against each other.

3. The man who allegedly killed his girlfriend and then tried to make it seem as though she had actually choked while eating nakji had his conviction overturned on appeal. The woman’s father is embittered and says he no longer believes in the law.

4. Police are investigating after reports that the operator of a large group-purchase website called 엄지랑열매랑 stole hundreds of millions of won.

5. More on #1.

6. A daycare in Sejong City is accused of abusing the kids in its care.

7. The Hankyoreh raised doubts about the veracity and political motivations behind the investigation and arrest of Assemblyman Lee Seok-gi on charges of sedition.

8. A man arrested for secretly filming women on the subway turned out to be a director at a large company.

9. The sixth entry in a Money Today series examining how Koreans seek to make more money by pursuing professional degrees. This one focused on those who study traditional Korean medicine.

10. With a new law going into effect that would suspend the licenses of doctors and nurses convicted of sex crimes, the National Union of Korean Medical Doctors and its members are taking to social media to refute the idea that too manyof them molest patients.

Top 10 in society for 9/22.

1. Police arrested a man for claiming to be a Harvard-educated doctor when he fact had not even graduated from high school.

2. The TV show “I Want to Know That” exposed a man who claimed to be a poor pastor and used donations to live a lavish double life.

3. The Supreme Court ruled that photos and videos can only b considered child pornography if they depict sexual acts, and thus overturned the conviction of a man for surreptitiously photographing underage students after they had come to his studio for ID photos.

4. It turns out that trying to uncover your wife’s suspected adultery by purchasing chemicals from the internet that purport to react to the presence of semen is not a foolproof plan.

5. Police are investigating the murder of a female high school student in Heonam.

6. The TV show “Sunday Night” has a popular new segment in which a group of young men document time spent in military training.

7. An idiot working in a hotel in Songpa-gu decided to take a customer’s red Ferrari for a spin and (of course) wrecked it.

8. A woman in her 50s died after her blood pressure plunged during a routine colonoscopy.

9. More on the Chae Dong-wook saga.

10. A 56-year old unemployed man used a handgun to commit suicide, leaving behind a young daughter with Chuseok around the corner.

Top 10 in society for 9/29.

1. Police made an arrest in the Heonam schoolgirl murder.

2. Police arrested one of their most-wanted suspects, a man accused of attempted sexual assault in Paju.

3. A man in Incheon who was accused of murder committed suicide.

4. For National Police Agency commissioner Cho Hyun-oh, who once embroiled himself in controversy for suggesting that Roh Moo-hyun had committed suicide over fears of his secret bank accounts being exposed, was upbraided for those comments by a judge in Seoul. He is appealling his conviction for defamation.

5. More on #3.

6. More on #3.

7. A young person riding a bicycle fell from a road onto a car below and died.

8. The guy in the nakji murder case was released from prison in Anyang, where he had been imprisoned after unrelated convictions for burglary and other crimes.

9. Yonsei University fired the professor of medicine who provided the false diagnosis that got Yun Gil-ja moved from prison to hospital.

10. More on #3.

Top 10 in society for 10/6.

1. The director of a company was arrested for assaulting a stewardess in an airplane while she was making some instant ramen.

2. A look at a controversial case of adultery and suicide at the Judicial Research and Training Institute.

3. In an SBS report on a basketball game in which Korea University crushed Yonsei University, the logo displayed for Yonsei was incorrect. This is the latest in a series of minor image gaffes that SBS has blamed on software glitches.

4. More on #2.

5. Following the suicide in story #3 from last week, the man’s wife also killed herself.

6. Tweeting a picture of the suspect in Incheon wearing a purple shirt, the National Police Agency said that while not all folks who wear purple are criminals, this guy was.

7. A man wrote on the internet that when he, his 3-year old son, and his pregnant wife took a taxi to go home, the driver said that he always gives kids 500 won when they come in his taxi, and gave the wife 5,000 won for a safe delivery. The man posted pictures of the money.

8. More on #1.

9. A woman wrote anonymously in The Hankyoreh about the 35 years she has spent arduously taking care of her family during holidays, with the huge amount of preparation that goes into them.

10. A look at the jackwagon from #1, comparing him to other businessmen who behaved badly.

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