Most-read Naver articles of the week — Sept. 1, 2013

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Top 10 in society.

1. A look at the many dangers of plastic surgery intended to make patients taller.

2. Oh Seon-hwa, a naturalized Japanese citizen and far-right politician who stirred controversy with idiotic statements about how hangul prevents Koreans from developing the brain power necessary to win a Nobel Prize, actually owns land in Jeju-do.

3. A brief look at the current proposal in labor negotiations at Hyundai Automotive.

4. In Seoul, there seems to be a lack of housing for university students, and ordinary dorm-style buildings have been converting into studio apartments and goshiwons.

5. Some cyberthieves are stealing people’s personal information and using it to regularly withdraw small sums from their bank accounts, which frequently adds up to large amounts. For example, one woman thought the 16,500-won withdrawals simply had to do with cellphone fees.

6. A second-year middle school student died of injuries suffered when attacked by a classmate and friend while a group of at least 10 other kids looked on but did nothing.

7. In Busan it was found that a local school has a statue of Ahn Yong-baek, who was a bureacrat in the Japanese colonial government but later an ROK education administrator and National Assembly member who was acquitted of election fraud. This discovery follows criticism of a statue of him in Gwangju from folks who see him as a Japanese collaborator.

8. A look at how women may criticize other women for seeking more maternity leave.

9. Okay, ‘fess up. Which of you left a 12-million won hunk of gold in an Incheon International Airport bathroom?

10. An appeals court affirmed the conviction of a teacher for having sex with a female student.

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