Most-read Naver articles of the week – July 7, 2013

July 8th, 2013 · Stories of the Day/Week/Year · 1 comment

Top 10 in society.

1. The wife of the chairman of the YoungNam Flour Mills Company was living a comfy life in a hospital despite being convicted of arranging the murder of a  lawstudent she thought was her husband’s mistress.

2. Lee Jeong-ryeol, the judge who got in somewhat hot water a couple of times with satirical posts on Facebook about politics, has resigned due to a police investigation over a fight with his downstairs neighbors about noise.

3. After the reporting of #1, netizens were further angered after it came to light that the chairman of the  company tried to prevent a popular news program from reporting on the story.

4. The pizza shop owner who has convicted of raping an employee who later committed suicide appealed his conviction and won a reduction from nine years in prison to seven. The appeals court believed that he was not responsible for the girl’s suicide despite raping her, photographing her naked afterwards, and threatening to murder her.

5. There are accusations that four male students at a middle school molested a female classmate, yet the school took no action.

6. A group of conmen were nabbed by police for allegedly forging 10 billion won checks.

7. It seems to be becoming a thing to be able to hire someone to protect your kid from bullies, presumably by roughing up the bullies.

8. Employees of a well-known department store are accused of stealing some one billion won from over 300 customers.

9. Almost immediately after reforms to the sex crimes laws, a man has been charged with the new crime of constructive rape (유사강간).

10. A sculptor wants o create a Dokdo education campaign featuring the character Robot Taekwon V. Some are criticizing this since the character, although popular, was heavily influenced by Japanese characters.

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  • LOL @ taekwon V. it wasn’t just heavily “influenced”, it was a complete copy as well as 99.99% of animation/manhwa+manga in korean entertainment.

    rap · July 8th, 2013 at 2:59 PM

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