Most-read Naver articles of the week — July 30, 2013

June 30th, 2013 · Stories of the Day/Week/Year · 1 comment

Top 10 in society.

1. A brave teen intervened to prevent an attempted murder.

2. Someone posted onto Facebook a video of a man and woman fighting in public in Daegu. Police believe this was illegal.

3. Some idiot in Seoul decided to block the sidewalk by his house and force pedestrians to pay go through. Local government didn’t do anything about it for over 10 days.

4. A list of events in Korean history that occurred on June 27.

5. A man in his 50s died after being struck while trying to intervene when he saw a man beating up a woman in public.

6. Police fired a type of tear gas at high school students participating in a candlelight protest in Gwanghwamun to call for a legal ban on the National Intelligence Service attempting to influence elections, as it was accused of doing last year.

7. Five apartment complexes in the capital region have been hit with infestations of booklice just one year after opening, leaving residents with some sort of skin problem.

8. A look at the minimum wage, which is now too low to even allow one to purchase a hamburger combo at a fast food restaurant.

9. The head of a traditional Korean music school was indicted on charges of sexuallt assaulting a young girl who had come to study music.

10. More on the candlelight protests.

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