Most-read Naver articles of the week — June 23, 2013

June 25th, 2013 · Stories of the Day/Week/Year · 1 comment

Top 10 in society.

1. Prosecutors are investigating Jeong Dae-sae, who plays for the Samsung Blue Wings, for possibly violating the National Security Law by telling foreign media about his admiration for Kim Jong-il and patriotism for North Korea. He is originally from North Korea.

2. An aspiring doctor prevailed in her lawsuit against an online retailer who broke a promise to obscure her face in underwear modelling photos.

3. An interview with a mother who says her son’s middle school failed to act against the severe bullying he was suffering, including beatings and being forced to eat garbage.

4. One woman’s life was turned upside down when it turned out her husband had been paying for the family by taking bribes at work. One of the uses of the money was a new home for her parents.

5. Fugitive Lee Dae-woo was finally nabbed.

6. A government employee committed suicide in a hotel.

7. A look at the TV program “I Want to Know About That”

8. A child was bitten by a poisonous snake at a waterpark in Daegu.

9. A man was arrested in Busan for allegedly contorting his body to steal dolls from a claw crane game on a sidewalk.

10. Conservative Seoul National University students are continuing to protest for a complete investigation of allegations that the National Intelligence Service tried to influence the presidential election in December.

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  • Story #1: North Korea is like fight club, boy. Rule 1, you don’t talk about Fight Club North Korea.
    Story #9: If I were tha cops I would have let the claw machine owner kick him in the back and balls for 10 minutes before getting him out.
    Story #4: “Where’s this money coming from, honey?” “Uh… I got a bonus from work, dear.”
    Story #5: Bad boys bad boys, whut u gonna do…
    Story #10: If people are gullible enough to listen to online NIS propaganda, how come Lyndon Laroche isn’t president here?
    Story #3: I think the mom is being TOO nice here. If that were MY Mom, there would be 20 or so dead bodies in the river. I think it’s time for some “Tiger Moms” to eat some cubs.

    agentX · June 27th, 2013 at 10:02 PM

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