Most-read articles of the week — May 12, 2013

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Top 10 in society.

1. Namyang Dairy Products Co. was forced to place a public apology on its homepage after a recording was leaked of a verbally abusive exchange between an employee and a customer.

2. Police investigating a construction company for having paid for clients to be sexually entertained have obtained video of a former Ministry of Justice vice-minister being so entertained. After arresting a businessman in the construction company, police are expanding the investigation following a confession that one of the clients, a “well-known media figure,” sexually assaulted one of the women brought in to entertain him

3. When a 19-year old attempted to intervene in his drunken father’s with his mother, the father stabbed him. On Parents’ Day.

4. A look at how owners of daycare centers and hagwons keep blacklists of Korean teachers who blow the whistle on their illegal acts.

5. Police have sought a preliminary arrest warrant for reporter Joo Jin-woo on charges of spreading false information related to the murder of Park Geun-hye’s nephew.

6. A man who had worked at the Kaesong Industrial Complex until the recent expulsion of South Koreans committed suicide. Sources say he was depressed and suffering from feelings of guilt over flaws in a machine he had designed, and also had high blood pressure.

7. A 22-year old, who graduated from high school at 14, passed the bar exam. She is now getting ready to study in America and wants to be an international trade lawyer. So basically the ultimate 엄친딸.

8. More on story #2.

9. Two teachers were arrested on charges of beating a high school student badly enough that she had suffered a detached retina, causing her nearly to lose all sight in that eye. She has already had two surgeries and is expected to undergo another.

10. A look at a possible criminal case over corruption and irregularities in contracts for apartment complex management.

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