SKorea: Rape victim suffered ‘ping-pong’ investigation

June 22nd, 2012 · Accidents, Crimes and Scandals, Women in Korea · 0 comments

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What were you doing today (the 11th)? This is JTBC News 10 for Wednesday, June 11. A woman who had been sexually assaulted had her case investigated by police, but then a second investigation was conducted. This is because police and prosecutors do not work together.

Yun Seol-yeong and Lee Ju-chan report.


On the 18th of last month Ms. A, a woman in her twenties, says she was attacked and raped by her ex-boyfriend, then went to the Seodaemun Police Station, which is near her home in Seoul.

She reported the alleged attack, in which she sustained four injuries, and the investigation took one hour.

[Ms. A, sexual assault victim: I thought I was going to die. He strangled me and strangled me until I was nearly dead, and I have so many bruises and my lip burst… my face was severely battered.]

However, two weeks later no progress had been made by investigators.

Investigators had not contacted the man Ms. A says attacked her.

Prosecutors had transferred the case to the Bucheon Police Station in Geyonggi-do, which had jurisdiction over the suspect’s residence, and since the Seodaemun Police Station had already interviewed the victim it requested a meeting while it continued its own investigation.

Ms. A, meanwhile, was living in fear of encountering her attacker on the street.

[Ms. A, sexual assault victim: Spending that time there (the police station) was so difficult. And when I was interviewed. I was so sad and the injuries… it was difficult… they already interviewed me, so I can’t understand why they haven’t moved to my attacker.]

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