SKorea: Mother kills daughters, self over divorce issues

June 8th, 2012 · Accidents, Crimes and Scandals, Women in Korea · 0 comments

Original article in Korean is at this link.

At approximately 2.10am on the 7th, 38-year-old Ms. A and her daughters, aged 6 and 7, were found dead in a hotel room in the Bujeon-dong neighborhood of Busan by 70-year-old employee Mr. Lee, who alerted police.

According to police, Mr. Lee entered the room after he thought it strange that the check-out time had passed and nobody had left the room, which Ms. A had checked into in the afternoon of the 5th. He found the three side-by-side on the bed, dead.

Police investigators determined that the two daughters were strangled, placed on the bed, and tucked under the covers, and Ms. A was next to them with a suicide note and her throat covered in bandages.

Based on the statement of her current husband, police believe that Ms. A, under tremendous stress as a result of unsolved legal problems resulting from her divorce eight years ago such as her inability to place her daughters onto a family register [and thus legitimize them], first killed her daughters and then herself.

Police are interviewing potential witnesses and have asked for an autopsy of the bodies to determine the precise cause of death.

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