‘Famous Actors’ Arrested for Drugs

June 27th, 2009 · Accidents, Crimes and Scandals, Entertainment · 0 comments

No clues as to their identities in this article; however, the Photo Chosun snapped them cowering in the police station.

The illegal drugs division of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (서울지방경찰청) has filed for arrest warrants for two movie actors, including a Mr. Y, and arrested three others, including entertainer Mr. K, on charges of smuggling, selling, and using drugs obtained overseas.

Mr. Y, using W100 million obtained from his fellow celebrities, traveled to Japan 14 times beginning in late August 2007, purchasing over 280 ecstasy pills and either selling or using them upon return, police say.

Police announced that entertainers Mr. J and Mr. Y are accused of using ecstasy together on tens of occasions.

Police explained that Mr. Y hid the drugs in his underwear to smuggle them into the country, then took them in clubs in Gangnam and Yongsan with fellow entertainers.

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