Kim Tae-ho Dead in Motorcyle Accident

June 26th, 2009 · Accidents, Crimes and Scandals, Entertainment · 0 comments

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Update: These photos show it to have been a terrible scene.

30-year old celebrity Kim Tae-ho died at 10:43 am on the 25th after colliding with a parked truck while riding a motorcycle in the Woodu-dong neighborhood of Chuncheon.

Police said Kim was riding his 1,000cc motorcycle with three members of a motorcycle club when he suddenly lost control after crossing Soyang bridge #3 and collided with a one-ton truck parked in the street. He was killed instantly.

Police also said, “the club members said the accident happened after they had visited the Soyang Dam and were returning to Myeongdong for lunch. Mr. Kim was currently under a suspension of his motorcycle license.”

Kim Tae-ho, originally a model, made his television debut as an entertainer in the KBS2 drama 달려라 울엄마, and followed that with performances in season two of the MBC show Chosun Police (별순검), the SBS show Blue Fish (푸른물고기), and the film “Sex is Zero 2” (색즉시공 시즌2).

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