Doosan Bears Help Clean Oil Spill

December 27th, 2007 · Sports · 0 comments

The Doosan Bears are following up their historic season by becoming the first KBO team to send players to help clean up the oil spill on the west coast. Good on them.

One baseball team is putting down their bats, taking off their gloves and going to the Taean coast.

The 40 players of the Doosan Bears, along with 60 Bears fans and management, are heading to the sea this week to spend a day aiding clean-up efforts.

They plan to choose a day from the 26th to the 28th but the 26th is the most likely choice. They had originally planned to go on the 22nd, a Saturday, but changed their plans on learning that there are many volunteers on the weekend but not during weekdays.

As this is the offseason for the player they were scattered around the country, engaged in their individual lives. But as soon as they heard about the terrible pollution in the West Sea they decided to go help out, and informed the team. Together with their fans they have organized a large-scale volunteer action. Joined by management, they plan to offer help both large and small to citizens affected by the oil spill.

As the end of the year approaches, professional baseball players have been getting involved in charitable activities. But it is rare for an entire team to come out like this. Management from the Hanwha Eagles helped clean up the oil but the Bears are the first team to have the players themselves go out. No players from other pro sports have gone out either.

Runners-up in the Korea Series, the Doosan Bears are coming together to make a heartwarming winter.

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