Police: “Cyber Prostitution” Increasing

November 10th, 2007 · Accidents, Crimes and Scandals · 4 comments

The ever-busy representative Ahn Myeong-ok has some statistics on prostitution and veneral disease for you to consider.

Police investigations are hobbled and prostitution continues in the forms of massage shops and cyber prostitution.

National Assembly representative Ahn Myeong-ok of the GNP has analyzed statistics published by the Korea Internet Safety Commission and found that massage shops and cyber prostitution has increased, showing the failure to eliminate prostitution.

According to police statistics prostitution businesses in the form of amusement areas decreased from 1,696 in 2004 to 992 in May of 2007, but massage shops where sex can easily be bought increased from 955 in 2005 to 1,011 this past June as the total number of such places went to 9,451 from 5,841.

Also, the report on internet prostitution done by the Korea Internet Safety Commission found that such websites increased from 2,556 in 2004 to 6,126 as of June of 2007, and sites which incited others to lewd acts went from 3,211 to 6,992.

Accordingly, arrests for prostitution have gone from 12,739 in 2003 to 24,795 with the passage of the Special Law On Prostitution.

But the arrest rate has rapidly decreased, going from 9.6% to 1.5% in the same period, leading representative Ahn to say police determination to punish prostitution is weakening.

By age group, arrests of those under 19 went from 541 in 2003 to 599 in 2006, a 10.7% increase, and arrests of those over 71 went from 72 in 2003 to 122 in 2006, a 69.4% increase which indicates the seriousness of the problem of prostitution of the elderly ahead of the expected aging of the population.

The situation of unabated prostitution is also revealed in treatments for venereal disease. According to the research of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 15,447 people sought treatment for venereal disease in 2005 and as of June 2007 10,789 had done so, indicating no change.

Representative Ahn said, “after the passage of the Special Law on Prostitution, prostitution spread and took other forms such as anma shops and sports massage businesses, which are operating as freely registered businesses, so it is difficult to fully assess the situation but from the perspective of venereal disease it is worsening. There is insufficient recognition that prostitution is a societal crime that violates the human rights of women, and measures to prevent and end prostitution have had no results.”


  • “Accordingly, arrests for prostitution have gone from 12,739 in 2003 to 24,795 with the passage of the Special Law On Prostitution.

    But the arrest rate has rapidly decreased, going from 9.6% to 1.5% in the same period..”

    Egad who is doing the math here? From 2003 to when ever the next census was done, there was about a 100% increase in the total number of arrests.

    The arrest rate of 9.1% is what, the number of customers being arrested as a percent of all customers? At 12,739 arrest to be 9.1 % of the using population, that means there were about 140,000 estimated users.

    The arrest rate going down to 1.5% with the total number of arrests being 24,795 means the total number of users would have had to have been 1,653,000 Johns ( or Parks I guess ). Grant it, I am not exactly certain which year pertains to the late rate, but apparently someones been getting busy while the police have dropped the ball.

    So 15,447 people were treated for VD in 2005 and 10,789 were treated for VD in 2007 and this is explained as ” indicationing no chage ??? I would call a 30% reduction significant, especially since the total does not take into account the increase in population, and apparently the ten fold increase in use. Lets hear it for the doctors shall we.

    And this is just the domestic issue. Add to this the increased numbers of Koreans travelling to other countries for sex trade holidays, the increase in sexual misconduct on the subways and the taxi driver/police sexual scandles and there is only one thing to be done……better screen those damn foreign English teachers’criminal pasts better before letting them into the country so they don’t corrupt the Korean youth.

    hitest · November 10th, 2007 at 8:27 PM

  • The 2007 figures on VD are only through July, so I haven’t checked, but I assume they just extrapolated the rate. It would have been better if they had compared to previous Julys.

    Korea Beat · November 10th, 2007 at 9:02 PM

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