Daniel Rios to Japan?

September 14th, 2007 · Foreigners, Sports · 2 comments

It seems that imported KBO star Daniel Rios may be the target of recruitment efforts by Japanese teams, who reportedly are asking him why he still hasn’t left Korea. To me, the guy has been here six years — he obviously likes it here and I don’t think he’ll move unless they offer him a real boatload of cash.

The Orix Buffaloes of Japanese pro baseball have their eye on Doosan ace Daniel Rios (34).

On the 7th the Sankei Sports reported that Orix is considering Rios to be their next foreign player next year. According to the newspaper, the owner of a 17-5 record with Doosan, 1.84 ERA, and winner of at least 10 games for 6 consecutive years has been introduced as the successor to Graysinger (Yakult) who is in the Central League this season.

In an interview with the paper, Orix PR team leader Nakamura said, “Japanese teams are paying attention. We think it’s odd that he still hasn’t left Korea.” Starting on the 8th Sakai scouts will come to Korea, and until the 10th they plan to observe the Lotte-Doosan games.

Already the Yukan Fuji has reported that Orix is watching Rios and Kim Dong-ju, and Hiroshima has its eye on Kenny Rayborn. Expectations are that Orix will take the chance to watch Rios and, definitely, Kim Dong-ju.


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